Why Won’t Jody Maberry Finish Writing His Book

Jody Maberry Show Episode 302 Why Wont Jody Maberry Finish Writing His Book

“Quit goofing around and start working on your own stuff.”

In our previous episode, Lauren Gaggioli joined for a conversation about the value of understanding SEO. And guess what? She’s back again, this time to ask me three questions about the challenges of entrepreneurship and personal projects. One of them helping answer the question, “why won’t Jody Maberry finish writing his book?” Her questions lead to a reflective conversation about the struggles of maintaining focus, prioritizing tasks, and the importance of pushing ourselves to achieve our goals.

Three questions we address:

  1. What was the hardest season or project in my entrepreneurial journey?
  2. What is holding me back from finishing my book?
  3. Can people start emailing me for word counts again?

As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to get caught up celebrating accomplishments. The reality is that it is in the valleys where the real growth happens and we all need to take time to share the challenges and obstacles we face. It is from these experiences that we can truly connect and learn from each other..

For example, I continue to struggle finishing my book, guilty of making excuses and prioritizing other tasks instead. Sometimes, we forget to amplify our own voices and need others to remind us of our worth. There is a lot of power of encouragement. Let’s take a moment to uplift each other and show support for our fellow entrepreneurs, authors, and dreamers.

After you finish listen to this episode, send me an email with words of encouragement and support. It’s a great idea to hold myself accountable, keep him on track, and stay motivated. Your emails will serve as a reminder of the impact my work has on people and the importance of completing this book. Thank you for your continued support.

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Episode Highlights

[00:02:05] Cockrell Academy and unfinished book project.

[00:03:59] Prioritizing personal projects over client work.

[00:07:09] Email works for words of encouragement and accountability.

[00:10:55] rite a standalone book before pursuing a series

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