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Jody Maberry Show Ep 303 The Hospitality Mentality Josh Liebman

“The most important thing is the conversation that you’re having you’re your guest.”

Josh Liebman has been immersed in the world of hospitality, tourism, and attraction spaces for over 18 years. He brings his vast experience and expertise for a conversation around creating raving fans through your guest experience and this new book, The Hospitality Mentality. Josh has seen it all, starting from his early days working as a ride operator at the prestigious Cedar Point amusement park, and is here to shed light on the power of hospitality in any field.

Josh has used his vast experience to build customer service training programs. As demand for Josh’s expertise grew, he saw an opportunity to have a macro impact on his industry. So, instead of working for one park at a time, he started consulting for many, helping implement his ideas and elevating guest experiences across the board.

Applying the principles of exceptional customer service and guest experience can have a transformative impact, even in unexpected industries like child support call centers. By adopting a mindset that values empathy, responsiveness, and resolution, leaders can create positive outcomes and build strong relationships. As early as chapter one of Josh’s upcoming book, he highlights the importance of getting rid of customers and focusing on building a service culture.

One essential aspect of a hospitality mentality is effectively resolving service failures and complaints. Josh emphasizes the significance of embracing these situations as opportunities to build trust, demonstrate genuine care, and turn a negative experience into a positive one. By nurturing a culture that prioritizes outstanding service, organizations can create an environment where employees are motivated to exceed expectations and deliver memorable experiences to clients or customers.

Make sure to listen to the full conversation with Josh Liebman for even more on the power of a hospitality mentality and its potential to transform industries.. Remember, a little bit of hospitality can go a long way in making a difference.

Episode Highlights

[00:01:59] Discovering the efforts of running a complex amusement park and creating a seamless guest experience

[00:04:08] Utilizing formal education and experience to help elevate guest experiences.

[00:07:37] Impact of Ron Logan, Disney legend and professor.

[00:14:54] Guest enthusiasm should not exceed employee enthusiasm.

[00:20:14] Stepping stones to success and fulfillment.

[00:25:12] A Hospitality Mentality Book; best way to start is by building a service culture.

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