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Gain the outside perspective you need to keep an edge

When we work together, our sessions will focus on my expertise in customer experience, content marketing, story building, brand strategy, and business development.

I may have an MBA, but my consulting is not based on text book theory. Marketing is what I do. My consulting services are based on experience working with large organizations, family owned companies, government organizations, non-profits, and personal brands.

Expedition Session

An Expedition Session is a 50 minute strategy session. Like any successful expedition, I will come prepared to guide you. Before our one on one call, I will spend an hour reviewing your website, social media, and other relevant information. Please note, this is a paid call.

Copywriting Services

Parks have interpreters on staff dedicated as storytellers to educate and connect with visitors. You may not need an interpreter, but you will benefit by having the right words in the right places. This is where I can help. Contact me for web copy, advertising, sales pages, case studies, and white papers.

Consulting Services

If you need more than an Expedition Session, we can arrange a more robust, longer term partnership. This is ideal for organizations that want to improve their customer experience, develop a deliberate marketing strategy, or need to think how you are selling a product or service.

Customer Experience Builder

You are putting on a show every day. The Customer Experience Builder focuses on creating the best show possible. You want to delight your customer, and this is how you will get there. We will examine how and when you interact with customers, and build a better customer experience. Often, this is done on-site, therefor I limit the number of Customer Experience Builder services I do.

Do You Feel Lost in the Woods?

Not knowing what to do next can leave you feeling lost.

It can be frustrating to build a brand on your own. You have so much to do, who has time for marketing, right?

Yet, you know you should do something, so you throw your marketing budget towards the first easy opportunity that pops up, or you become frustrated because you are not doing anything.

It doesn't have to be that way.

You can partner with someone who can work a deliberate plan to lead you to success.

Gain the Outside Perspective

You don't have to do it all yourself. The Outside Perspective is what you need to take control of your business and your brand.

The Outside Perspective gives you a fresh look at your business. Often, it is hard to find the right answers, or even ask the right questions, when you are so close the the action. I'll help ask the right questions, and find the right answers you need to highlight your unique selling proposition.

You are Putting on a Show Everyday

If there is one lesson I have learned from working with Lee Cockerell it is this...You are putting on a show everyday.

Your business is one big show, and every piece of your business has a role to play. The way you answer the phone, every email you send, the words on your website, the way your customers are is all part of the show.

Understanding that you are putting on a show allows you to begin to build a better customer experience.

I spent eight years as a park ranger. Experience is what brought visitors back again, year after year. Sure, most parks have trails, trees, and wildlife that attract people, but don't fool yourself, it takes deliberate effort to create a wonderful park experience. It is the park experience, more than the trees and trails, that bring most people back. Some call it making a park "Park-Like". I call it the Outside Perspective.

At Disney World, Lee Cockerell called the experience Magic. I have spent hours with Lee, learning the secrets and insider knowledge of how Disney builds an outstanding customer experience.

Whether you call it Magic, the Outside Perspective, or don't have a name for it, your customers want to feel it. And when they feel it, they will become loyal customers.

Six Reasons We Should Talk Today

  • You need an outside perspective: you will benefit from someone outside, looking in, offering new ideas.
  • You need a guide: you would benefit from someone who understands your work, has experience to advise and lead    you through the confusion.
  • You need better answers, and better questions: you are struggling to find answers to your most persistence problems. The real need may be to ask better questions.
  • You need an interpreter: putting the right words in the right places to tell your story will help your connect with customers and maximize your profits.
  • You need a better customer experience: a product alone will not serve as a competitive advantage. You need to create an experience worth talking about, and worth coming back for.
  • You need more time: a trusted partner working to help build your business would free your time to work on what you do best.

Just like you, I struggled to find my message...

I left a comfortable corporate job to follow a boyhood dream. I traded in the shirt and tie of a financial analyst for the badge and flat hat of a park ranger. Several years later, I walked away from what I had thought was my calling and returned to the business world.

Wanting to fit in and seem relevant, I tried to hide my story. Rather than celebrate my background as a park ranger, I focused on my experience as a financial analyst with a commercial bank or marketing director for a construction company. In an attempt to sound qualified, I would talk about being an MBA.

It never felt right. It never felt like me.

Eventually, I realize my story could set me free. I embraced my years as a park ranger things began to take off for me. This is when I realized others can find success by sharing their unique story.

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