“When I considered starting an internal podcast to Tennessee State Parks, Jody was the first person I called.”

As a former park ranger, having the Director of a State Park system reach out to me to help him create an internal podcast to help him spread his message to staff across the state, it was an honor.

But how did the head of a government agency end up reaching out to me for help?

My goal is to create engagement, foster better communication, and build your business with the most effective podcast strategies and tactics.

My approach delivers modern and effective growth strategies for organizations of all sizes.

I’m in the business of execution for my clients. I partner with them to design, implement, and co-create podcasts focused on solutions.

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My name is Jody Maberry.

I have hosted and produced more than 1,300 podcast episodes with nearly 3 million downloads. My first episode of the Park Leaders Show published in 2014.

Since then, podcasting has taken me to the other side of the world to record in Kuwait. I have shared the stage with a Governor, best-selling authors, well-known executives, and the Director of the National Park Service. I have worked with executives from Disney, the FBI, and other organizations across a variety of industries.

Podcasting has led to articles about me in INC, Entrepreneur, and the Business Journals.
Over the years, I have been podcasting, it opened the door to having a voice, not just on the podcast, but in marketing and communication strategy.

Many organizations struggle with getting a clear and consistent message to every staff member. This is why the Director of Tennessee State Parks, Jim Bryson, reached out to me. After working together, Jim went on to say, “His expertise and encouragement were crucial to designing and recording a podcast program that is helpful to our park staff across the state.”
When it comes to external podcasts, organizations don’t know where to begin or how to create compelling content focused on potential customers. The average podcast lasts only seven episodes.

Too many people and businesses give up before they begin to create the right content for their audience.

Over the past six years, I have created podcasts for a variety of industries, including sales, leadership, travel writing, parks & recreation, pharmacy, book writing, and more.

The industries may be different, but the keys to compelling content are the same.

And more and more customers are looking for audio content.

“32% of Americans (90 Million) listen to podcasts at least once a month.”

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