Use a Podcast to Write a Book

Jody Maberry Show Episode 318 Use a podcast to write a book“The very act of just having a schedule and having a bucket that you have to fill with something, that forces you to be creative.”

Kent Sanders is a a writer and professor that helps artists and writers fulfill their creative calling. Recently we combined our talents and collaborated on a webinar to teach others how to use podcasts for book writing. During this episode we talk about this method of creating a book outline and using it as a blueprint for podcast episodes. This episodes can then be transformed into the written work you always dreamed of.

Key takeaways from our conversation:

  • Podcast Consistency: Kent shares the power of showing up regularly on a podcast, and how you can use daily episodes to build content for a book. Commitment over perfection is key.
  • Crafting Your Outline: Develop a solid book outline before diving into podcast episodes. Utilizing strategies for outlining will transform your content creation process and be your roadmap to success.
  • Podcast Forward Approach: Discover the benefits of aligning your podcast content with your book project and maximizing your efforts. Find a method that works best for you to  convert your podcast episodes into book material.

This episode is a must listen for aspiring writers and podcasters looking for more ways to share their message. One of the reasons Kent and I did this webinar was to see what people thought of this idea. So let me know what you think. Was this a good idea? Or do if you don’t think this is good, let me know. If you think it is great, let me know. That’ll help out as we look at more ways to create books and podcasts.


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Key Moments

02:13 Collaboration between podcasters and ghostwriters in publishing.

06:02 Kent’s show “The Daily Writer” offers lessons on writing skills.

07:24 Turn podcast into book by repurposing existing podcast content.

12:17 Book outlines are a framework essential for content creation.

14:45 Two book options:

Option 1: Big Kahuna book – multiple chapters per section.

Option 2: Bits and pieces book – short chapters for challenges.

20:01 Quickly gather feedback from ideal readers, create a 21-day challenge based on their problems, review similar books, and seek feedback on the outline.

21:09 Get feedback from potential readers for book outline. Don’t overthink it.

24:52 Short, focused episodes make editing easier later.

29:53 Promote book through podcast.

33:19 Crafting a book takes time and work, but can be done by yourself or with professional help.

36:29 Scrivener aids writers in organizing and refining content for books, making the process more manageable.

38:15 Recognize the value of creating short books, multiple drafts, and use Scrivener for writing.


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