A Tribute to Come Rain or Shine Podcast

Jody Maberry Show Ep 317 A tribute to come rain or shine podcast

“That’s probably one of the things that really has helped me as I meet people. Being in that moment, asking really pointed personal questions to make people feel valued, to learn something new, and be curious.”

After five and a half years of laughter, lessons, and leadership insights, it became time to bid farewell to “Come Rain or Shine” with Dan Cockerell. It’s only fitting to highlight some of the unforgettable moments and amusing anecdotes. This final episode reflects on some of our favorite memories, from some silly moments to key business lessons. Really none of it would have been possible without understanding the importance of consistency in business, the role of adaptability, and the impact of strong personal relationships.

Adaptability has been a consistent theme throughout our time podcasting together. Dan’s approach, especially during the challenges brought on by COVID-19, exemplifies the power of responsiveness to unforeseen circumstances. Launching a daily podcast “Lemons to Lemonade” and conducting a Mastermind call for three months to offer guidance during tough times are prime examples. Hearing him navigate these changes in real time showcased the the value of being flexible and open to change. It’s the key to ensuring longevity and relevance in any industry.

Dan shares six key lessons learned from running Cockrell Consulting, highlighting that genuine connections often result in personal value and referrals. These are great reminders for business professionals striving for sustainable growth and a trusted network. By prioritizing value creation and relationship-building, you can create a solid advantage in the competitive business landscape.

While working on the podcast Dan and I had a number of moments that reminded us of the importance of engagement and effective communication. The more Dan dove into solo episodes, he found that interviewing podcast guests help refine his conversational skills. For leaders and entrepreneurs alike, the ability to ask the right questions and actively listen is incredibly valuable. It helps lead toward meaningful discussions while and nurturing collaborative partnerships.

Make sure to listen to Dan and I reflect on our time recording “Come Rain or Shine” podcast. Stay connected to Dan by signing up for his monthly newsletter. Past episodes are still available so keep listening. I bet you discover something new each time.

Here’s to the future skies we’ll navigate, come rain or shine!

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Key Moments

Key Moments

01:21 Ending the ‘Come Rain or Shine’ Podcast

04:11 Life Advice from Lee Cockerell

06:04 Magical Vacation Planner Conference

12:57 Podcasting Growth from Duo to Solo to Live Audience

21:14 The Next Professional Chapter

23:16 Impact of International Education

25:02 Navigating Career Transitions

28:26 The Power of Networking; Focusing on Client needs, Not our Credentials.

32:12 Adapting Business Strategies in Times of Crisis

36:46 Impact of Practicing Asking Intentional Questions

39:21 Reflecting on Collaborations on the Podcast and Beyond

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