Eight Things I Learned Taking Eight Weeks Off

Jody Maberry Show Episode 319 Eight Things I Learned Taking Eight Weeks Off

“Find lessons in everything. Even when you’re down for the count for 8 weeks, it’s alright. Figure out what you learned during that time and write it down.”

As you may or may not know, I had to take an 8-week break recently due to a medical issue. During this time, I learned quite a few important lessons that I’d love to share with you. During this episode I share eight things I learned taking eight weeks off and why I believe these lessons can benefit everyone.

A sneak peek into the 8 lessons I share:

  1. Prioritize What Matters
  2. Cherish Those Who Reach Out
  3. Stay Productive in Different Ways
  4. Adapt to a Fast-Moving World
  5. Systems Can Save You
  6. It’s Okay to Share
  7. It’s Also Okay to Keep It Private
  8. Find Lessons Everywhere

In every situation, even difficult ones, there’s something to be learned. Take the time to reflect and write them down. Every experience, good or bad, can teach you something and contribute to your personal and professional growth. When you document those lessons, they can become powerful stories and insights later for you and those around you.

To hear more on each of these lessons, make sure to listen to Episode 319 of the Jody Maberry Show. Thank you for your support and understanding during my time off. I’m looking forward to getting back to our regular schedule and continuing to share more stories and lessons with you all.

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