The Story Behind Magic Press

Jody Maberry Show Episode 287 The Story Behind Magic Press

“Being an author takes you places that you don’t expect to get.”

David Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing, and Karen Anderson, associate publisher, are the dynamic duo of the publishing world. Their passion is helping authors create transformative, engaging books. During our conversation we talk about their collaborated to launch Magic Press, a publishing imprint that focuses on authors with a background in theme parks and magical experiences. Both of them have worked closely with many authors to share their expertise and stories. They are an incredibly valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and writers looking to make an impact through the written word.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the advantages of writing a book for business-minded individuals
  • Examine the domino effect an author’s written work has on their professional standing and influence
  • Dive into the world of storytelling and its profound effect on a reader’s psyche
  • Investigate Magic Press’s unique dedication to authors inspired by theme park experiences.
  • Get the inside scoop on the resources and support provided by Magic Press to aspiring authors

Magic Press, the imprint of Morgan James Publishing, was created to showcase the unique stories of entrepreneurs and authors. Make sure to listen to this episode as we discuss the power of writing a book and how Magic Press supports authors in the writing and publishing process.

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Episode Highlights

00:02:48 – What is Magic Press?

00:07:53 – Why Write a Book at the End of Your Career?

00:11:59 – The Power of Storytelling

00:14:59 – The Power of a Book

00:17:22 – Overcoming Writing Obstacles

00:18:39 – The Magic of a Book

00:20:23 – Magic Press and the Book Publishing Process

00:21:59 – The Power of Publishing with Magic Press

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