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Jody Maberry Show Episode 288 Creating Magic Mastermind Overview

“You become the average of the five people you spend the most intentional time with.”

Ray Edwards is a well-respected copywriter and author who is known for his expertise in creating powerful biographical narratives for entrepreneurs. His recent participation in the Creating Magic Mastermind event has added another feather to his cap. The mastermind events with Lee Cockerell in Orlando Florida are always a wonderful time. The days were full of invaluable insights from participants of many different industries and walks of life.

It was clear that Ray’s depth of knowledge and empathetic approach were greatly appreciated by all in attendance at the event. It only made sense to then invite him to the podcast for a conversation so he can further share his experience. During our conversation, Ray shares how he has transformed his personal and professional growth by attending the Creating Magic Mastermind event.

In this episode, you will:

  • Explore takeaways from the Creating Magic Mastermind event and how they can change your life
  • Learn how mentors can contribute to your personal and professional journey
  • Understand the significance of cultivating a community for authentic connections
  • Adopt the skill of incorporating feedback to enhance your capabilities
  • Combine introspection and practical implementation for optimum growth

Take a listen to hear Ray’s perspective on the impact of attending events such as Creating Magic Masterminds. If you aren’t able to attend one in person, consider expanding your peer group by joining a virtual Mastermind group or community.

Make sure to share this episode with anyone else that is considering attending an event like Creating Magic Masterminds so they can discover the impact they will have on your personal and professional growth.

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Episode Highlights

00:03:40 – The Group Where You Find the Gold

00:09:02 – Exceed Expectations and Good People Will Reward You

00:11:59 – Carl Holtz

00:13:11 – The Importance of Believing in Your Solution

00:16:42 – The Motivation to Get Out of Pain

00:19:38 – Understanding the Roots of Our Behaviors

00:21:11 – Disney’s Success is in its Clarity

00:26:21 – The Importance of Community

00:27:12 – The Power of Correction

00:28:22 – The Value of Introspection

00:29:20 – Prospection

00:30:23 – Creating Impact

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