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“If you don’t have a problem, you don’t have a story. And the bigger the problem, the better the story.”

Storytelling can have a profound impact on our personal and professional lives. Richard Stone is a nationally recognized speaker and author on story intelligence. His knowledge on “story intelligence” has brought value to industries including business, healthcare, and education.  Don’t get confused though. Story Intelligence is not about improving IQ. It’s about seeing the world as a story, opening us up to possibilities, and elevating the quality of our lives.

Storytelling isn’t just for bedtime. It’s a powerful tool that shapes our lives, our businesses, and even our brains. It can also help build connection and empathy. When we hear someone else’s story, it’s as though we step into their world, creating a deep level of connection and understanding.

This is often seen through the stories we tell with our own families. Family stories have a significant impact on children’s resilience and self-esteem. Children who know their family’s stories are better equipped to face difficulties, as they have reference points to draw inspiration from. Our lives are stories in the making, and they are worth sharing with others.

By becoming the author of our own story, we gain authority over our lives and open ourselves to new possibilities. The shared experience of storytelling connects us, inspires us, and shapes our lives. When done well, they make our lives richer and more meaningful.

Whether you’re a parent, a business owner, or just someone who loves a good story, remember that storytelling isn’t just a pastime or a skill. It is a fundamental part of what makes us human. The power of storytelling goes beyond personal growth by connecting us emotionally. The stories we tell can change lives.

Make sure to listen to the conversation with Richard on the Jody Mayberry Show podcast. You can find more resources and interviews with Richard on and grab a copy of “Story Intelligence: Master Story, Master Life” on Amazon.

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Episode Highlights

04:36 Larger problem makes a better story.

08:05 Face change and take risks for a more rich life.

11:34 Repackage your perspective to change your life’s direction.

14:06 Take ownership of your life story to gain authority over it.

18:09 Share a personal story to trigger empathy and understanding.

22:29 Storytelling predicts resilience and self-esteem in children.

23:45 Generational stories help teens navigate through life challenges.

26:18 Book by Richard Stone, “Story Intelligence: Master Story, Master Life”

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