Three Factors to Implement Change

Jody Maberry Show Episode 307 Three Factors to Implement Change

“Transformation should never end because if you have your best and brightest people thinking about how to continually make the experience better and better and better and better because it’s never perfect.”

Retired Disney COO Jim MacPhee joins for a conversation on the three factors crucial for successful change implementation. Jim brings insights from his time driving personalization and simplification for guests and staff within Disney. He emphasizes the importance of understanding audience needs and frontline employees if you want to stay on the path to success. The evidence in Disney’s transformational projects result in high NPS scores and improved guest experiences is enough to show that Jim’s experience with this topic is invaluable.

Transformation is continual, not a finite project. Jim emphasizes the necessity of viewing transformation as an ongoing effort, not a project with a defined endpoint. This mindset shift is crucial for sustained success in driving organizational change.

Prioritize the customer and employee experience. The implementation of change should prioritize ensuring that customers love the changes, employees can deliver them, and the changes ultimately enhance the overall experience. By prioritizing these aspects, transformative efforts are more likely to yield high NPS scores and simplify the customer experience.

Another key to successful change implementation is being able to nspire and engage to drive exceptional experiences. In leadership, it is vital to engage and inspire others to deliver exceptional experiences. This approach is pivotal in ensuring that change implementation focuses on creating enjoyable experiences for consumers, ease of delivery for employees, and reliability for all stakeholders.

Jim’s wealth of experience and insights provide valuable lessons. Make sure to listen to this episode in full if you are looking to drive meaningful change within your organization. And don’t forget to check out Jim MacPhee’s book “Engage, Inspire, Lead” for further inspiration and guidance around successful change implementation.

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Episode Highlights

04:12 Addressing consumer needs for personalization and simplification at Epcot.

08:31 Embrace new business approach to improve customer and employee experience.

10:12 Prioritizing accuracy over speed.

16:33 Continuous improvement is essential rather than achieving perfection.

17:32 Constant evolution essential for organizational success.

22:43 Balancing high expectations, competition, and constant delivery.

25:52 Embrace imperfection and be agile in journey.

29:39 Life teaches lessons, lead to inspire.

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