48 Lessons Celebrating Dan Miller

Jody Maberry Show Episode 309 48 lessons celebrating Dan Miller

“Money alone is not enough compensation for investing our time and energy. There has to be a sense of meaning, purpose, and accomplishment that go along with that, And that’s it it lays right in the lap of in the life you love.”

Dan Miller is a successful entrepreneur and author who has dedicated his career to helping others find meaningful and fulfilling work. He is the creator of 48Days.com, a website filled with resources and ideas for those seeking to start their own businesses. In this special episode, I am celebrating Dan Miller by sharing 48 lessons from him. That’s a number that’s significant to his brand. After receiving the news of Dan’s cancer diagnosis, I knew when he saw and heard that I was doing 48 lessons celebrating Dan Miller, it would make him smile. So, I did 48 just to make Dan Miller smile.

Dan’s significant achievements came after the age of 53. That’s a great reminder that success knows no age limit. Embrace the non-linear process of life stages and keep pursuing your dreams with perseverance and determination.

Dan’s principle of “pay to cut to the front of the line” emphasizes the value of investing time and money into building personal relationships. Authentic connections are the backbone of success. Prioritize nurturing genuine relationships for long-term growth and opportunities.

Dan’s fearless approach to uncertainty and potential failure highlights the importance of seizing opportunities with innovation and creativity. Embrace change, take calculated risks, and keep innovating to carve out your unique place in the marketplace. In the spirit of celebration and continued growth, let’s aim to embody the lessons from Dan Miller’s journey and make them a part of our own stories. Let’s honor Dan’s legacy by staying true to our passions, embracing change with grace, and finding fulfillment in our unique paths.

The 48 lessons are only a fraction of what I have gained from Dan’s remarkable journey and friendship. Make sure to listen to this episode and share it with someone else that could feel the impact of the lessons. As Dan has said, “the sharing of ideas is a powerful thing.”

Key Moments

06:16 Printed books are like business cards. Use wisely.

10:21 Inspiration of Dan and Joanne’s loving marriage.

24:14 48 days to change life.

25:59 Rural upbringing instilled values.

35:55 Turning inconvenience into opportunity for bonding.

42:13 Finding fulfilling work goes beyond just money.

51:43 Reevaluate choices as world changes; embrace fresh perspective.

01:07:24 The importance of small gestures in maintaining a strong marriage.

01:11:19 Innovation and creativity propel progress in technology.

01:14:01 Dan Miller’s teachings create a lasting legacy.

Books and Resources by Dan Miller

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