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Jody Maberry Show Ep 312 Making Email Marketing Work for You“I found that the more I step into myself the more successful I become, and the safer people feel around me.”

Shifting from a successful RV travel blog to establishing a thriving membership site doesn’t happen by chance. For Liz Wilcox it came down to leaning into her authentic self with a desire to help others on a topic she knows well; email marketing. During our conversation Liz shares how she switched from blogger to business owner by helping people make email marketing work for them.

Liz is a great example of someone that has made an impact by leveraging her unique strength. She realized her potential in email marketing despite being known as a sarcastic RV blogger. Embracing her education background and passion for helping people, she pivoted to start a successful email marketing membership site, serving thousands while staying true her authentic self.

One of the ways she started to help others was by building a community. By offering a $9 per month membership, she was able to focus on making a large impact for a large number of people, echoing Costco’s model. This approach made email marketing templates and tools accessible to many entrepreneurs. In turn by creating a supportive community she is bringing in consistent revenue.

Authenticity breeds comfort. By being her authentic self she has allowed others to feel safe and comfortable in her community. She encourages them to embrace their unique selves. Promoting psychological safety and creating a sense of community has been a key to her membership’s success.

Make sure to listen to our full conversation for more about making email marketing work for you. And make sure to visit for a free welcome sequence, newsletter samples, and 52 subject lines to kickstart your email marketing journey.

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Key Moments

03:26 Aligning passions with knowledge for greater impact

10:13 Prioritizing low cost to serve majority population.

12:45 Challenges with blogging and why email lists are crucial.

17:59 Strive for self-acceptance and authenticity as a guide to success.

20:12 Surround yourself by a community that affirms and empowers your uniqueness.

27:33 Membership sign up at includes a free offer.

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