Dealing With What You Don’t Know

Jody Maberry Show Ep 311 Dealing With What You Don't Know

“It’s my blind spots. And I’ve been around long enough to know they’re there. And so that’s where my curiosity is helping fill in the gaps.”

Recently Dan Cockerell announced a significant career shift. After spending five and a half years traveling and teaching worldwide, he has embraced the opportunity in Australia to return to a leadership role. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Dan and his wife Valerie have used their knowledge and experience to inspire and teach others. However, life led them to unexpected paths and opportunities, prompting them embark on a new adventure. During our conversation we discuss some of the challenges that have come with navigating unknown territory in a new job, including dealing with what you don’t know.

One of the things Dan is great at is his willingness to admit that there are things he doesn’t know. Even better is his commitment to seeking guidance and insight. He emphasizes the significance of acknowledging one’s blind spots and humbly reaching out to industry experts for advice. Through humility and curiosity you can foster a continuous learning mindset, which is critical for leaders.

As he transitions to the education industry, Dan understands the importance of cultivating a mission-driven focus in a for-profit organization. There is a delicate balance between delivering educational impact while ensuring the organization’s financial sustainability. This is something felt by entrepreneurs and leaders in various sectors. There is often a unique dance between mission, profitability, and the need to make impactful decisions that benefit all stakeholders.

Something I often share is the power of meaningful connections and networking. That starts by seeking guidance and insight from your own team. Dan has often seen success when leaders advocate for a collaborative decision-making process that helps leverage the expertise and insights of the collective team. Successful organizations utilize collaboration and collective wisdom to guide strategic decisions.

As Dan prepares for his move to Australia, he recognizes the importance of understanding cultural nuances and interpersonal dynamics in a new work environment. Lean into genuine curiosity about a culture and having an eagerness to adapt to new terminologies. Change is not always easy, but approach it with a growth mindset and openness to embracing unfamiliar experiences.

Dan’s journey serves as a testament to the power of connection, adaptability, and continuous learning. Take a listen to this episode for more about embracing a new adventure, seeking new opportunities, and approaching life with curiosity and authenticity.

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Key Moments

00:53 From Entrepreneurship to corporate

03:42 Moving to Sydney in 2024

08:33 Confidence, vulnerability, and teamwork lead to success.

11:15 Navigating new cultural environments.

14:51 Mission-Driven organizations

16:39 Investing in others’ dreams brings personal fulfillment.

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