Preparing for the Spotlight

Jody Maberry Show Ep 313 Preparing for the spotlight

“The mark of a true leader is knowing where your position should be in order to keep the bus rolling down the road.”

Liz Wilcox returns for another conversation. This time we flip the script and she gets to ask me three questions. We talk about preparing for the spotlight when you face big moments and unexpected attention. Highlights from our conversation include:

  • Embrace Your Uniqueness: I spent a lot of time initially doubting my voice for podcasting. Over time I came to realize that my uniqueness became one of my biggest assets. It’s what gets me recognized time and time again. Embrace what sets you apart, as it may be the very thing that captivates others.
  • Leadership Transition: As you move up in leadership, remember it’s not about you – it’s about removing obstacles for your team. There is an impactful way to make the transition from being technically proficient in a role to effectively leading others. Turn the focus from oneself to the team, empowering leaders to listen, remove obstacles, and lead with empathy.
  • Ground Yourself: I touched upon self-preparation for heightened visibility and being in the spotlight, emphasizing the significance of grounding oneself, and reconnecting with your purpose to navigate increased attention effectively.

Make sure to listen to the full episode for more on how to ground yourself to stay true to your purpose and intention. Also check out Liz’s website and sign up for her email list for a wealth of free resources on email marketing.

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