Lessons from the Wright Brothers

Jody Maberry Show Episode 275 Lessons from the Wright Brothers Dan Miller

Author Dan Miller and I recently visited the Wright Brothers National Monument in North Carolina. These are the ten lessons we learned as we reflected on our experience.

  1. Persistence, experimentation and asking for help are key to success.
  2. Many give up because they fear failure and competition.
  3. It doesn’t matter how old you are; you still have more inside of you.
  4. The Wright brothers did something no one had done, took a small break and then did it again. They didn’t let off the gas.
  5. You don’t know what progress will come after you break a barrier.
  6. Get the right people in your corner.
  7. Innovation is contagious and births more innovation. The sharing of ideas is a powerful thing.
  8. The Wright brothers always wore suites. They were who they were, no matter where they were.
  9. Once you accomplish one thing, you can ask what else you can do.
  10. Innovation will always be built upon. Everyone has limits, and the next generation takes it to the next level.

I am always amazed at the lessons you can learn about life and leadership. Often, they are in plain site. We just have to have eyes to see them.

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