Review of the Phoenix Club Cruise

Jody Maberry Show Episode 276 Review of the Phoenix Club CruiseDjuan Rivers is back again, this time to process our recent experience. During this episode we reflect and give a review of the Phoenix Club Cruise workshops. We were excited to have some great presenters, including Djuan.

Day One Workshops

Our workshops started with Mike Simmons presenting on Goal Setting. Mike provided a great definition of goal setting and the importance of the practical application to implement. The best takeaway is his GAME acronym. It stands for Goals, Actions, Metrics, and Execution. The best part: it can apply to any area of life: personal, business, etc.

Next up was Lee Kitchen with Storytelling. He shared a great story about Disney and his relationship with Salvador Dali. The partnership was the seed for projects that are finishing 50 years later. The workshop highlight was a great exercise that brought people from different areas together to develop something they couldn’t do on their own.

Day Two Workshops

The second day of workshops followed an excursion day. I kicked off this day myself with a session titled Timeline. The takeaway is identifying what is unique about your content. Once you know, you can distill everything in your mind into a logical pathway toward a book or a podcast to serve your audience.

Karen Anderson followed and covered the impact writing books can have. Karen is an expert at simplifying the process. In fact, she has Djuan seriously considering writing a book. If you’d like to see that happen, send Djuan an email and let him know.

The next workshop was a tag team effort between Djuan and I. We drew a parallel between national parks and theme parks and the stories they provide those who visit. Djuan brought it all home with his workshop explaining three principles he picked up over his 33 years with Disney. These three keys will help ensure you have happy employees, good retention, and satisfied clients and customers.

Overall, it was great to see how all of the workshops organically connected with each other. It provided lessons that build upon each other to see change. What were you most intrigued by during this review of the Phoenix Club Cruise?

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