The Two Types of Stories Your Business Needs to Tell

Jody Maberry Show Episode 274 Two Types of Stories Your Business Needs to TellCassie Tucker once again joins me as host and draws a parallel we can all learn from. As a former park ranger, I found that every park has two types of stories it tells: learned stories and earned stories. These are the two types of stories your business needs to tell.

Learned stories are the stories that we tell. It is the information provided to guests; the content we choose for them to learn and use to enhance their experience. Earned stories are the stories they discover for themselves while visiting us. These are the actives and actions they do and take that create their own experience to pull from. There is a strong connection between earned stories, even more so than learned, because it is their own.

As leaders, we can apply this to our own businesses. Learned stories are what you present to your clients. Earned stories are how people experience you and your business. As we approach our business with a “Park” mentality, we learn how to cultivate our client’s experiences and foster the space for them to earn their stories. You can intentionally create an environment for people to encounter their own earned stories, which is a win-win for everyone.

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“If you can help people earn their stories, they are the hero, and you are not. You don’t want to be the hero, because it’s not about you”

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