How to Get Out of Your Rut

Jody Maberry Show Episode 285 How to Get Out of Your Rut

“Our ruts are really not that deep. They’re not that hard to climb out of.”

Jerry Dugan never expected that a simple conversation about Nutella would lead him on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. He is a compassionate speaker and author who aims to empower men in their thirties and forties to shatter the barriers keeping them from realizing their full potential.

As an avid podcast listener, he found himself drawn to the stories of others and the lessons they had to share. During a New Years resolution jog on New Year’s Day he realized he wanted to inspire others as well. This led to the creation of a father-son podcast that would ultimately change his life. He realized that through his podcast, Beyond the Rut, he was inadvertently inspiring himself by showing up every week to talk about something that mattered.

As the years passed, Jerry noticed that he was stuck in a rut in his personal and professional life. It was time for a change. Through introspection and the support of his family, Jerry made the decision to leave his corporate job. He spent time writing a book that captured all that he had learned to help others break free from their ruts. The podcast evolved from a men’s ministry to a place where people share their stories and practical advice on how to get out of ruts in their lives. He now has a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment after recognizing the importance of seizing the moment and taking the necessary steps towards personal growth.

Jerry’s podcast and book, Beyond the Rut, have given him a wealth of experience in guiding others towards personal breakthroughs and growth. Make sure to connect with Jerry, especially if you are looking for meaningful inspiration as you navigate changes in your family, career, and personal well-being.

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Episode Highlights

00:07:42 – Beyond the Rut

00:09:43 – Three Steps to Get Out of a Rut

00:11:33 – Jerry’s Crucible Moment

00:12:39 – The Power of a Single Hashtag

00:14:05 – Getting Out of a Rut

00:16:01 – The Danger of Deferring Dreams

00:18:26 – KFC and Colonel Sanders

00:22:38 – Personal Stories in Jerry’s Book

00:25:51 – Jerry’s Vision for His Family

00:27:02 – Achieving Goals

00:28:06 – Jerry’s Legacy

00:28:47 – Beyond the Rut

00:29:46 – Getting in a Rut

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