Have the Courage to Say What Needs to Be Said

Jody Maberry Show Episode 284 Have the Courage to Say What Needs to Be Said“Are Lee and Dan Cockerell really like that everywhere? That’s right, they are.”

Author and speaker known as Dr. Disneyland, Jeff Barnes, returns to the Jody Mayberry Show to ask me three questions. He hit it out of the park with his questions, including my childhood inspiration to become a park ranger. We also get into some of the experiences I’ve had with former Disney executives, Lee Cockerel and Dan Cockerell.

As a kid I can remember going on family vacations and admiring the hats and uniforms of park rangers. The more I learned about them and their dedication to protecting the parks, I became even more interested in becoming a ranger. In a similar sense, the more I got to know Dan and Lee Cockerell, my understanding and appreciation for the Cockerell legacy grew. Their lessons gave me a unique determination to excel in the new direction of my career.

One of my favorite memories with Lee Cockerell came during a recent visit to Hollywood Studios. It was the first time we had gone to a park together after working together for nine years. Lee had never been to Galaxy’s Edge before, and it was amazing to experience the ride together. Lee and Dan have been great examples of pursuing new opportunities, while cherishing where you’ve been and what you’ve done. For me, that includes the fond memories of the parks and park rangers that ignited my dreams in the first place.

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Episode Highlights

00:00:03 – What Inspired Jody to Become a Park Ranger?

00:03:34 – Jody’s Experience with Contrasting Climates

00:05:06 – Jody’s Favorite Memory with Lee Cockerell

00:08:02 – Jeff’s Favorite Memory with Lee Cockerell

00:12:24 – Dan Cockerell’s Unique Approach

00:14:50 – Mini Golf Rematch with Jeff Barnes

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