How Does Disney Do That?

Jody Maberry Show Episode 320 How Does Disney Do That

 ” I felt a childlike wonder and when feel that it connects us. And in this world, especially now, we need to be more connected.”

It is always a pleasure meeting people that can give more insights into the secrets behind those jaw-dropping Disney experiences we all know and love. That is why I couldn’t be more appreciative for the conversation with Theron Skees, a former Imagineer, and James Warda, an emotional storyteller and author. They teamed up to co-author a fascinating new book, “How Does Disney Do That,” which dives deep into the stories and feelings that connect us to Disney moments.

Here are three key takeaways from our conversation that are sure to pique your interest:

  • The Power of Emotional Connection: James and Theron emphasize the significance of the emotional ties that guests form with Disney attractions. Understanding these feelings helps make their designs even more impactful.
  • Storytelling as a Tool for Connection: The book is structured as a conversation, featuring stories from fans, designers, and cast members. This not only validates the reader’s own experience but also invites them into a larger community of shared emotional journeys.
  • The Role of Feedback and Collaboration: Theron discusses how vital it is for Imagineers to listen to guest feedback and collaborate closely with Disney leadership to create memorable experiences. This principle can be applied to any business that aims to truly understand and meet its customers’ needs.

This is such a wonderful conversation about storytelling, connection, and making guests feel truly special. Take a listen to episode 320, “How Does Disney Do That?”, if you are ready to be transported to the magic of Disney. Make sure  to use the code DISNEYSHIPFREE when you check out after ordering the book at the following link: . Along with the book, you’ll get a free bookmark.

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Key Moments

02:01 The Impact of Storytelling in Themed Entertainment

08:31 Building Experiences with Guest Feedback

12:52 Escapism and The Life of an Imagineer

20:19 Creating Transformative and Immersive Environments

26:39 The Essence of Shared Experiences

29:25 The Power of Storytelling and Experiential Marketing


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