How to Be a Great Interviewer

Jody Maberry Show Episode 321 how to be a great interviewer

“If you’re a podcaster and you’re not curious, you’re probably not going to do well.”

The tables have been turned as I welcome back James Warda and Theron Skees, the minds behind “How Does Disney Do That?” This time, they ask me some insightful questions about interviewing skills and podcasting. We hit on a few hot topics during our conversation:

  • Curiosity is King: Whether you’re hosting a podcast or engaging in any form of storytelling, curiosity drives great conversations. If you’re genuinely interested in your guest, it shows—and it leads to more engaging and insightful discussions.
  • Know Your Role: As a podcast host, my primary job is to make my guests shine. By understanding and embracing this role, you can create a space where your guests feel valued and are encouraged to share their best stories and insights.
  • Preparation vs. Spontaneity: While it’s crucial to come prepared with questions, it’s equally important to stay flexible and listen intently. The best moments often come from following the natural flow of conversation rather than sticking rigidly to a script.

We also discussed the perseverance needed to write a book. Kudos to James & Theron for their dedication over 3 years. Between their book, “How Does Disney Do That?”, and our conversation you will learn ways you can implement Disney’s strategies to create unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Make sure to listen to episode 321 for more tips on how to be a great interviewer and some behind-the-scenes stories from my experiences in podcasting.  enhancing your interviewing skills, storytelling, or simply curious about the magic behind captivating conversations, this episode is a must-listen!

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Key Moments

03:32 Balancing authority and influence

08:48 Curiosity, Understanding, and Respect

12:59 Keeping Audiences Engaged

16:26 Writing a Book


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