Don’t Impose Your Problem on Someone Else

Jody Maberry Show Episode 265 Dont Impose Your Problem on Someone Else
“Don’t impose your bad day on other people – use problems as an opportunity to innovate and create better experiences than before.”

Recently I was able to experience the magic of creative problem-solving firsthand when Cassie and I put on the Creative Magic Mastermind in Orlando with Lee Cockerell. We had to be flexible due to a hurricane and ended up having to make last minute changes to where the event was hosted. It ended up being a great experience. As we talk about everything that happened at the event we recognized several valuable lessons. One great reminder is that it is important to not impose your bad day on other people. We were able to use the problem as an opportunity to create an even better experience. It is possible to make a great experience even with changes.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. What is the importance of being flexible when hosting events?
  2. How can problem solving create new opportunities?
  3. How can businesses create a consistently great customer experience, even when changes occur?

Episode Highlights


We quickly learned the importance of being flexible because we had a hurricane in Florida not too soon before the Mastermind. Right before the event, our venue was no longer available because of hurricane damage.


Don’t impose your bad day on other people. Try to create the solution before presenting it to the rest of the team. Sometimes those problems do create opportunities.


Don’t bring your bad day on stage with you and make it a customer’s problem. Your behavior, the way you treat people, all of that now is part of a product. Use problem as an opportunity.


The next Creating Magic Mastermind is coming up in April, so I look forward to seeing what lessons come from that. There will likely be many because once again there will be a lineup of fabulous guest speakers.

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