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Jody Maberry Show Episode 264 Get the Most Out of Life Djuan Rivers

“We can all strive for a balanced lifestyle and create a better environment for ourselves and those around us.”

During this episode Cassie and I talk with Djuan Rivers about how to get the most out of life. Djuan is a former Vice President of Disney Parks and Resorts, who now travels the world and inspires others to find balance in their lives and careers.

Djuan had a passion for travel and a balanced lifestyle, which he instilled in his team as a leader. His interest in traveling began in the 7th grade, when he wrote a letter to the Swiss Embassy. After that, he was determined to pursue his passion and set off on his own adventures, such as doing the seven summits. Through his experiences, Djuan learned the importance of trusting and verifying his team, as well as giving them opportunities to grow and take charge. That also is what allowed him to pursue his passions in life.

In this episode, you will discover:

  1. How to maintain a balanced lifestyle while still being an effective leader
  2. Exploring the concept of servant leadership
  3. How a 7th grade writing assignment inspired a passion for travel and a balanced lifestyle.

“You are only a good leader if your operation runs in your absence being present.”

Episode Highlights


For me, it was very important to ensure that I had a very balanced life. It was such an instrumental part of my development, my growth, and actually my identity. And I think even more so, realizing the importance of a balanced lifestyle.


You are only a good leader if your operation runs in your absence being present. You need to make sure that everyone around you is ready to go. Let the next generation take over and push it to the next level after you leave.


Make sure that you have a team in place that you trust and can pass off the baton. Let those around you use their skill-sets while you’re there. And then in your absence, let them solve it. Then you yourself can then start to explore other things.


You should always say trust, but verify. Trust your leaders. Verify that what they’re doing is great and give them feedback. Most leaders are talented. They just need you to get all the other unnecessary stuff out of their way. Your goal is to create the environment that allows them to accomplish.


Go out and find your thing. Work towards your thing and add that value to your life and to your professional career.

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