You Can Have Adventure and a Successful Career

Djuan Rivers, newly retired former VP of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is sharing not only his unbelievable stories of travel and adventure but also his secret to living an adventurous life while having a successful career.

Coming from a legacy at Disney, Djuan started his journey in a confectioners booth on Main Street in the Magical Kingdom and ended up with his name on a window in the same area. This didn’t happen overnight but through sacrifice and excellence over a 30-year career. Even while leading and doing a job in such a way that Disney will never be the same, Djuan still managed to wing walk, climb mountains, and swim with sharks.

You don’t have to choose either a successful career or an adventurous life. They are not mutually exclusive. It does take planning, sacrifice, and trust. Both endeavors require focus. You have to build and equip the team around you to be the best at their jobs. A good leader equips their team by empowering them to do their best and learn from their failures. You will develop into your full potential by trusting those around you to develop in theirs

Building an atmosphere of trust is necessary. That trust can only be attained by pouring into those under you and reproducing values and excellence in them. When you support your team by doing your job, they can support you by doing theirs.

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