My Favorite Voices for Storytelling

Matthew Luhn, the author of The Best Story Wins, is back again for the standard three questions follow-up episode.

It’s always fun to see what questions my guests will come up with. Matthew had a fun take. What is one of the first movies that you saw in a theater? I’m not sure it is the first, but I will say, as a result, I still have a soft spot for Reese’s Pieces and Drew Barrymore to this day.

Who is your favorite voice actor? This question hits close to home, having done 1500 podcast episodes and 3 audiobooks myself. I immediately think of three individuals, one of which has a voice that can bring my granny from the kitchen.

Lastly, who is the Pixar character to whom you most relate? That one is easy. Because we both have had adventurous jobs in our past, have had to figure out ways to use our abilities to help others in the background and most importantly, balance putting family first even while helping everyone else.

If you have wondered about any of these questions, you will enjoy our conversation.

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