You Don’t Have to Wait to Do What You Want to Do

Djuan Rivers, soon to be French Ex-Pat, is back again and asking three questions that he is dying to know.

What about customer service annoys you the most these days? Rude people, long lines? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not even sitting on hold for six hours…it’s worse.

If you can be any person or object that represents something 300 years from now, what would it be? My answer may surprise you…but it also may not. I promise it is not what you expect.

Finally, you win the lottery worth 500 million dollars. What do you do with it? Besides run around the room like a crazy person? I have an idea, as I am sure you do. The sneaky follow-up question will get you through. It got me.

If you were sitting with Djuan and he asked you these questions, how would you respond?


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