Using Courageous Kindness to Talk About Race

Using Courageous Kindness to Talk About RaceA while back, I shared a story on Facebook about my cousin. You can read the original post here.

The story about my cousin helped me start some conversations about race.

In this episode of The Jody Maberry Show, I share the story about my cousin. And then Jevonnah Ellison joins me to have a conversation about my story and a story she shared about tough questions white people can ask themselves about race.

Jevonnah explains when white friends speak up, black people feel seen, heard, and understood.

Courageous kindness is what it will take, according to Jevonnah, in order to have the conversations we need to have to make a difference.

As an example of courageous kindness, I share a segment from a live question and answer segment with Lee Cockerell. Someone asked Lee what he thought about athletes kneeling during the national anthem. Lee gives a strong answer, a courageous answer, standing up for what he believes in.

We round out the episode with Kelli English explaining how to have a discussion with kids about some of the terrible racial experiences from the past.

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