Thirteen New Lessons on Creating Magic

Thirteen new lessons on creating magic lee cockerellLee Cockerell joins me on The Jody Maberry Show to discuss lessons from one of our live in-person Masterminds.

Here are the lessons we discuss.

There is no upside to being an idiot. 

Be the kind of leader you would like your children to work for. 

The thing you are worried about, you are the only one who knows. Other people don’t know you are shy and introverted, for example.

Action is what matters. You can talk, but one great action is better than 2 great words. 

Sometimes you are looking at a symptom and not the problem. Poor performance is a symptom of the problem of bad hiring.

The only thing you can leave behind and take with you is your legacy. 

Don’t ask a question Google could answer for you. 

“Until today, I didn’t know I could be great.” Often, people do not realize what they are capable of until you help them discover it.

Make it easy to do business with yourself. 

Learning to say “no” is the most effective time management tool. 

Ask a younger person how to do better. 

The most important question you can ask is, “what if?”

Slow doesn’t mean better. Slow means slow. If you know what you are doing you can move fast. 

If you enjoyed these lessons from Lee Cockerell, check out the Cockerell Academy.

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