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Jody Maberry Show Episode 280 Use Your Content to Tell Your Story John Losey“When you know what success looks like, you can put energy into closing the gap.”

Storytelling can create a lasting impact on people, making it easier for them to remember and apply the concepts learned. John Losey joins this episode of The Jody Maberry Show and shares his insight on how to use your content to tell a story. He effectively utilizes storytelling to communicate the Next Best Step Strategic Action Process in his book, The Pottery Panda.

During his episode, John hares how feedback from his reading community helped him develop a more engaging narrative through Peter, the protagonist of the book. By making the protagonist face unexpected challenges, he is able to keep the readers hooked. This makes the learning experience enjoyable and memorable. His approach illustrates the power of stories in strategic planning, enabling more people to connect and relate to the content. Storytelling is an essential tool for strategic planning. It helps individuals connect with others and effectively communicate complex ideas.

During this episode, you will:

  • Uncover the power of the Next Best Step Strategic Action Process for effective planning.
  • Discover how shifting your focus from issues to success can transform your business.
  • Learn the art of storytelling for engaging and memorable strategic planning lessons.
  • Realize the significance of putting connection before process in storytelling for a lasting impact.
  • Explore John Low’s Pottery Panda book and website resources for further inspiration and guidance.

Incorporating stories into strategic planning can make the process more engaging and relatable, helping people understand and care about the content. By transforming abstract concepts and complicated methodologies into relatable narratives, individuals can better grasp the lessons and strategies of strategic planning.

“Start with the end in mind.”

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Episode Highlights

00:04:00 – storytelling can make planning more engaging and memorable, such as classic business fables like Who Moved My Cheese and The Five Dysfunctions.

00:06:25 – the “Next Best Step Strategic Action Process”. Know your purpose and mission before starting the planning process and shifting focus from issues to success.

00:12:38 – start the planning process by picturing success and painting a crystal clear target to shoot for. He suggests an exercise called the silent picture exercise, where you imagine scenarios where your company is fully operating to its full potential.

00:13:49 – the purpose of the “Pottery Panda” book was to make it easy for people to access the next best step strategic action process.

00:19:12 – there were challenges writing the “Pottery Panda” book in a story and parable style while still carrying the model. He got feedback that made him realize he needed to make people care about the character Peter by having him run into unanticipated situations and dilemmas.

00:22:29 – a simple model for finding stories is to start with the end in mind, create crystal clear statements of the response you want your story to have, then list all the ideas and stories from your life that might relate to that outcome.

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