Use Influence Not Power

Jody Maberry Show Episode 282 Use Influence Not Power“If you want to get results, exert influence. If you want to feel like you’re getting results when you’re not, exert power.”

After a great conversation with Tim Dyck in our last episode, he has returned to ask me three questions. This was a fun chat with questions that led to a discussion about the importance of influence over power in leadership positions and how my experiences as a park ranger taught me a valuable lesson.

Using influence, rather than power, is a more effective means of getting people to comply with rules and regulations. Although power may be necessary at times, influence tends to have a more lasting impact. Tim and I both agree that understanding the difference between the two is valuable in leadership positions where leaders have power over decisions that impact others. This episode highlights how seemingly unrelated experiences can provide valuable lessons and skills that can be applied in unexpected ways, making it essential to recognize and

Tim’s questions explore:

the crucial role influence plays in effective leadership over mere power

valuable lessons from my unique park ranger experiences and how to apply them to your journey

financial security tips when transitioning to entrepreneurship

the impact of storytelling in leadership and business growth

the story behind the greatest sports logo ever designed and why it matters.

From discussing the best sports logos to the transferable skill of understanding power versus influence, this is a fun episode that navigates entrepreneurship and leadership.

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Episode Highlights

00:01:06 – The Greatest Sports Logo Ever Designed

00:04:27 – Advice for Making the Entrepreneurial Leap

00:08:59 – Transferring Skills from Park Ranger to Entrepreneur

00:12:49 – Using Influence as a Leader

00:13:16 – Power vs. Influence

00:14:11 – World at Work Podcast

00:15:00 – Contact Information


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