Tips on Interview Podcast Guests

Tips on interviewing podcast guests dan cockerellWith the Jody Maberry Show, I like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to work with the people I work with.

In this episode, Dan Cockerell and I talk about what it took to put together a cruise for his online community, known as The Perch. Dan explains what led to doing a cruise for the community. Then he discusses what he would do differently about the next cruise.

A member of the Perch, Rob Midiri, joins us as a guest on the episode to ask questions to both me and Dan. In fact, Rob was the inspiration behind this episode. Since he asked Dan and me questions, we decided to turn on the microphone, record the conversation, and share it with everyone.

Rob gives his impression of the cruise and what it was like to spend several days with the group.

Rob’s questions centered around interviewing podcast guests. Rob asks:

How do you transition between different shows since the people you work with have different personalities?

What do you do to get to know someone before you have them as a guest on your podcast?

How long did it take you to get used to the interview process?

Do you use interviewing skills you learned at Disney when interviewing people for your podcast?

What tactics do you use to help get information out of guests on your podcast?

The cruise was a big success, and Dan and I plan on hosting another cruise in 2023.

If you want to learn more about joining The Perch, you can get more information here –

Don’t forget; Dan Cockerell has a great podcast, Come Rain or Shine. You can find it Here.

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