Five Business Lessons from Live Events

Cassie Tucker is back, and we are unpacking five lessons learned from live events and how they are run, especially in this post covid world. These lessons may be specific to a live event setting, but they are principles that can extrapolate into just about any arena of business.

First, set yourself up for adjustments. Every single day something will change. When you expect it and plan for it, you will keep everything running smoothly. Have backups. Think through the worst-case scenario and plan accordingly. Second, you win by thinking inside the box. Innovation is great, but if there are rules and policies required to be able to participate, it is better to stay in line and innovate around the non-negotiables.

Next, you will get more done by influence than authority. You may have the authority needed to force an issue, but if you can steer and direct with influence, everyone will have a better experience. If you find yourself at the point that you must use your authority, something has already gone wrong. Fourth, people want to be with people. Creating the opportunity and space for face time and connection will help establish a report and an environment that people want to be in.

Last, be ready rather than get ready. If you must get “ready,” you are already losing. Keep in mind the highest authority in your company and run your area in such a way that you will be excited when they show up because it is an opportunity for them to see how well it is going. Leaders are proactive, and if you are ready from the get-go, you can pivot and adjust as things come up.

These lessons not only make for superb events, but they will also create a strong environment for any business out there.

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