Elevate You Price and Value

Elevate your price and valueFor more than a year now, I have helped Dan Cockerell run his online community, called The Perch.

Recently, Dan and I did a community cruise, where many members of the Perch got to meet for the first time in person. For so long, we have seen each other on Zoom, and now we had the chance for handshakes and hugs. We had such a great time, we want to grow the community.

Dan Cockerell joins me for an episode of The Jody Maberry Show as we talk about what the community is like.

To give you a look, or a listen, to what the monthly Perch Entrepreneurship calls are like, we share one a call on this episode. During the call, we talk about how to elevate your price and value.

Listen in as we do a fun exercise about pricing and value. As a backdrop, we are using a fictional Valentine’s Day package as our product as we work through some obstacles to getting full price for what we offer.

Some of the voices you hear on the call are Lee Kitchen, Nate Clayber, and Michelle Baker.

If you are interested in joining the Perch, you can find more information here.

Every month, we have calls about Leadership, Growth and Development, Entrepreneurship, and most months we sneak in a guest speaker, too.

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