The Secret to Gaining Mentors

Joey Maberry Show Episode 259 The Secret to Gaining Mentors
Tanner Brock has returned to discuss his newest resource, a five-step system to gaining true mentors in your life. The secret to gaining mentors is not as mysterious as you may think.

Tanner is many things, namely the founder and CEO of Changing Discourse and host of the Changing Discourse Podcast. After six years of seeking out and learning from some of the best mentors, Tanner shares how to find the right mentors with us today.

Once you identify someone you want to mentor you, there are five things to do.
1. Don’t seek the relationship. Most people don’t have the time to invest fully in someone. Approach them with that in mind.
2. Ask for work. Ask what you need to learn to do. You don’t even need to talk. Send an email and ask what you need to do practically to accomplish what you want to learn.
3. Disappear. Get off their radar. They don’t have to worry or think about you, but you are working behind the scenes.
4. Do the work. Once you have their insight, go and do what they told you to do. Don’t question it. If it resonates, go and do it. If they are the right mentor for you, what they suggest will work and impact your life when you apply it.
5. Return and report. After you do the work and you have accomplished something, circle back and share it with them. Let them know what you were able to do because of what they shared with you.

Mentors teach you something, and then you can take it and teach others.


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