Ask Others About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Jody Maberry Show Episode 260 Ask OthersTanner Brock is back for our traditional follow-up episode, and he has three questions locked and loaded. Today we are exploring why it is important to ask others more questions.

First, what is the most afraid you have been in the wilderness? I can tell you it isn’t meeting a bear, and it isn’t getting lost. The answer might surprise you.

Second, if you started a new podcast, what would the new podcast be about, and what would the name be? I have a topic top of mind, but the name might be more difficult to answer.

Third, you were one of the attendees at the Changing Discourse Mastermind in Kansas City. What was your big takeaway from the event? It is a tie between an exercise we did and one specific speaker.

Because we made good time, I went ahead and gave Tanner a bonus question and snuck on a surprise guest to further explore the idea of leaning into your strengths and what to do with your weaknesses.


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