Learning From the People You Work With

learning from the people you work withCassie Tucker started working with me one year ago. Initially, Cassie provided support for the work I was doing. Over time, her role expanded, and now she provides operational support and marketing strategy for my business and our clients. We’ve worked together on product launches and events.

Cassie joins us for this episode of The Jody Maberry Show to discuss what she has learned during her one year working for Maberica, INC. Cassie talks about how living out your dream is possible in ways you might not expect, the importance of processes, leadership lessons she’s learned from clients, how to have intention behind every piece of marketing, and how to become an excellent podcast host.

We also discuss some of our upcoming projects, including the book release for Lee Cockerell’s Career Magic and the launch of my suite of podcasting courses.

Cassie has become the co-host of the Will Talks Biz podcast. We share the story behind that show and how Cassie became the co-host.


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“Keep an open mind for unexpected and alternate ways you can achieve your dream.” Cassie Tucker

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