The Five New Things I Tell Myself Every Day

Jeff Noel is with me again today to continue our discussion and introduce the five new things that I am telling myself every day in 2020. Last time, we laid to rest sayings and questions that I have used daily for years. Entering 2020, I wanted to think differently about the year.

Today we are examining my daily exercise and meditations on excellence, gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, and ownership.

By defining what excellence is in the short term, we know how the whole of a project or situation will play out. By allowing ourselves to embrace enough and be thankful, we can experience the fullness of life. Through understanding our follow-through is not dependent on other’s feedback, we can overcome discouragement, which can allow us to appreciate what we encounter, rather than set ourselves up for unmet expectations. Lastly, by embracing ownership, we remove the limit of waiting for someone else to fix something or make a change. Even amid failure, we can move forward and do better. As Jeff likes to say, be amazed and be amazing.

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Jody Maberry