Entrepreneurship the Disney Way

Today, Dr. Mike Goldsby, Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ball State University and author of Entrepreneurship the Disney Way is with me. Dr. Goldsby has been teaching for 20 years and is sharing some valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, especially as seen in the life and career of Walt Disney.

Entrepreneurship is about being creative and it is all about opportunity. Walt Disney balanced creativity and business. He was a dreamer who knew how to be open to his circumstance and how to capitalize on his unique situation. As entrepreneurs, we can learn a couple of lessons from him in this area. First, be willing to take time and shape your ideas – learn and take input. Second, as a dreamer/visionary, surround yourself with implementors.

Understand yourself and what you stand for. Know yourself well enough to know when an opportunity isn’t for you. When you know what gives you energy and what takes it away, you can be patient enough to wait and find the opportunities that are good for you and those connected to you.


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Jody Maberry