Gaining an Advantage by What You Tell Yourself

Jeff Noel returns today to join me as I lay to rest my five daily sayings. Every day, there are five sayings/questions that I meditate on to help me create a successful frame of mind. When we want to do what we have never done, we must think differently than we have. So, in preparation for stepping into a new season, I want to visit these sayings for a final review.

Jeff and I discuss the concept of ‘rest being a weapon’ and the advantage it gives you over any adversary. We examine the benefit of asking ‘what does this make possible’ when you suffer loss. We look at the pro’s and con’s of ‘do the one thing’. We also consider what it means to ask yourself ‘what is it for’ as a means of keeping yourself on mission. Lastly, we unpack the benefit of reminding yourself to ‘do your best and forgive yourself’.

Words are very powerful. A slight change to a word can affect the whole manner with which we approach something. In the next episode, I will share what 5 new things I will be saying to myself every day.

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Jody Maberry