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Jody Maberry Show Episode 297 Tell Your Story Alice Fairfax

In business, we are telling a story whether we know it or not. Evaluate what story you are telling and how you want people to participate. Own that story and create an incredible experience that exceeds expectations. – Alice Fairfax

In this episode I welcome Alice Fairfax, author of the book Tell Your Story, to share her expertise on the importance of storytelling in creating memorable experiences. With over 20 years of experience as an actor and storyteller at Disney, Alice understands the power of storytelling to captivate audiences and engage customers. We dive into many of the ways it can be used to create memorable and engaging experiences.

Her journey into storytelling began with listening to tales from her father during long cross-country drives. Alice Fairfax’s journey into storytelling began with listening to tales from her father during long cross-country drives. She was just a child then, but the stories of the wild west, woven by her father, left a lasting impression.

Throughout our conversation, Alice emphasizes the need for businesses to recognize that they are telling a story, whether they realize it or not. She provides examples of how framing a message as an invitation rather than a demand can enhance the overall narrative and make customers feel special. Alice discusses the role of leaders as storytellers, highlighting the impact of authentic and personal stories on inspiring and motivating teams.

Alice’s book, Tell Your Story, is focused around the Story Formula, a tool to help craft compelling narratives. By incorporating universality and specificity into stories, individuals and organizations can create connections that resonate with audiences. This is such a great tool for anyone that is wanting to enhance customer engagement and create lasting connections through memorable experiences.

This is a great conversation around the art of audience engagement. Make sure to take a listen and share this episode with anyone that is looking for more wants to make your audience, or customers, a part of the story.

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Episode Highlights

00:00:48 – Alice’s Disney Career

00:03:20 – Learning to Tell a Great Story

00:06:07 – Engaging the Audience

00:12:23 – The Power of Invitation

00:14:39 – Importance of Communicating and Owning the Story

00:16:55 – The Power of Inviting Guests into a Story

00:19:42 – The Impact of Leadership and Storytelling

00:22:08 – Transition from Disney to Becoming an Author

00:24:53 – The Story Formula for Compelling Stories

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