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Jody Maberry Show Episode 296 Observation Selling

Start with a mirror – true leadership begins with self-reflection. – Mike Simmons

During my recent trip to Alaska I was intrigued by the innovative sales tactics used in high-end jewelry stores on the cruise. It only make sense to welcome Mike Simmons back to use his sales expertise to break down this tactic. His expertise in simplifying problem-solving and decision-making makes him the perfect person to talk about my observations on selling.

Thankfully Mike has familiarity with the sales strategies based on his own experience on a cruise. The tactics used onboard are a perfect example of the importance of designing experiences to engage customers and gather feedback. They had well-orchestrated incentives and engaging experiences that keep people coming back for more throughout the sailing.

The same principles used by the jewelry store sales team can be applied to simplify and streamline decision-making processes in business. Their meticulous attention to detail, strategic incentives, and structured sales approach highlights the power of isolating variables and taking action to achieve results. As Mike says, it is important to achieve results rather than just focus on execution.

If you’re a professional trying to to simplify problem-solving and decision-making, this episode is full of valuable insights and practical tips from Mike’s experiences. Tune in to learn how to isolate variables, take action, and streamline your decision-making process to achieve the results you desire.

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Episode Highlights

00:00:28 – Alaska Experience

00:06:28 – Building Sales into the Experience

00:09:21 – Scavenger Hunts and Trade Shows

00:11:33 – Scarcity and Urgency

00:12:41 – Additional Purchasing Options

00:14:20 – The Power of Copywriting

00:15:34 – Becoming an Extension of the Sales Team

00:16:46 – The Value of Scripts

00:18:32 – Making it Easy to Pay,

00:21:44 – Creating Your Own Laboratory

00:27:56 – The Need for Leadership and Culture Building

00:28:51 – Shifting the Focus to “Axe”

00:29:59 – Simplifying Approach and Embracing Continuous Learning

00:31:40 – Positive Feedback and Excitement for the Future


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