How to Tell a Great Story

Joe Sindorf How to tell a great storyThis episode we are going to take a close look at telling a story with Joe Sindorf.

I discovered Joe when I interviewed him for Great Escape Radio. Doing research before the interview, I admit I was impressed with his record of telling great stories. Better yet, telling great stories people were noticing and paying attention to. Joe has won an Emmy and a Peabody award. But it got better. After our interview for Great Escape, I liked him so much I asked him if he would also do an interview for The Jody Maberry Show. I knew you could learn a lot from Joe about storytelling.

During the interview, Joe suggests the elements of a great story are simply a beginning, a middle, and an end. That has to be in place to build a great story.

Along with the great insights on storytelling, Joe reminds us we need something bigger than our work to be proud of.

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Joe Sindorf on Twitter – @joesindorf

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