It’s All About Influence

InfluenceHere is one thing you need to know about getting big work done; It is all about influence.

Many people think if you work hard you can make things happen. They are only about 10% correct.

The work you do account for about 10% of making something happen. The right opportunity accounts for about 20% of making something big happen. Influence is 70% responsible for getting big work done.

Yet, many people focus intently on the work they do. They put 90% of their effort into something that will only account for 10% of the results. People with more experience understand this concept enough; they focus more on finding the right opportunities. Sure, things can happen when you find the right opportunity, but big things happen because of influence.

Once you understand the importance of influence, and you know what to do about it, you can begin getting big work done.

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Jody Maberry