Six More Lessons From Glacier National Park

My family and I just wrapped up our stay at Glacier National Park. We had the pleasure of staying at the Granit Park Chalet during our stay. After arriving home and processing our trip, I have six lessons I learned from this trip that I am sharing with you. Jeff Noel is returning today to go over those lessons with me.

  1. Don’t do the work of a mule. There are some things you don’t need to be the one doing. Identify if there is work that you should not be doing. If you find something, figure out who can do it for you.
  2. Enjoy the present moment. The moment you are in right now is important; enjoy it. Challenge yourself to make it last a little stronger and a little longer.
  3. Eventually, you have to teach what you have learned. Why do we learn if not to teach others?
  4. Leaders create more leaders. Set someone else up to be the first to see and discover.
  5. If you focus on the priorities, the rest doesn’t matter. We are prone to worry and think about a lot of things that don’t matter. They may look like they do, but they really don’t. Focusing on your priorities will help you focus on what really matters.
  6. Last, you can serve the servers. There is no reason we can’t make sure that those who serve us are served as well. Do something nice for the people who serve you. Make it your purpose, that you want to be a bright spot in their day.

Jeff also made a point that is worth mentioning. Practice, over time, creates compound interest. Anything you practice, over time, gets easier and more like second nature; like taking a family vacation and coming away with life lessons.

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