Use Curiosity as an Advantage

Jill Young is back for our traditional follow-up podcast, where I have my previous guests return to ask me three questions of their choosing. Now, the difference of having a coach doing the asking is pretty evident by the questions she asks. Take a look.

You have had multiple podcast shows what is a story that one listener shared with you that you knew your podcast changed their life? I can’t answer this question without sharing Tanner’s story. Hands down, it is the first one that comes to mind.

Second, how in the world did you become a financial analyst? I know I may come across as entrepreneurial, but if you are good with numbers, it’s hard not to get pigeonholed as the numbers guy. You’ll hear what I mean in my answer.

Lastly, Jill asks what makes a great podcast partner? I have been honored to work with a lot of different partners on multiple podcasts, and one element remains true across the board. And remember Tanner from earlier; he plays a part in this one too.

This episode took a slight detour from our normal three-question follow-up, but I think it was a bonus. Curiosity is an advantage, and as we learn to ask great questions, we can get beyond the surface and explore the deeper levels in most areas.


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