Your Actions Will Impact Others

We are live from Kansas City, MO where I have the pleasure of attending Tanner Brock’s first live event. You may remember when I mentioned Tanner Brock is the person that makes me glad to do what I do. Mike Simmons, the host of the Catalyst Sales Podcast, is also with us.

Tanner has an amazing story. He started out working in a warehouse, never rising above the status quo. So how did Tanner go from not shaving and never tucking in his shirt to putting on a live event? The thing that set Tanner apart was his ability to ask good questions and apply the feedback he received. By investing in relationships that could be fostered and grown, he created a sense of accountability that allowed him to grow.

No matter who you are, you possess the power and potential to impact others. You don’t know who is listening as you share your struggles and your stories. Sharing your journey can lead to life changes in others. Seek wisdom and pass it on. Be a lifelong learner and share what you learn with those around you. 


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