Resilient by Nature

My guest today is Reggie Williams, former NFL linebacker and Disney executive turned author. We are discussing what it means to be “Resilient by Nature” and how we can turn negatives into positives.

How we deal with missed opportunities and being overlooked is proof of what we are made of. When you have been treated unfairly or experienced major disappointment, you can fill the void by strengthening yourself and others. Reggie share’s his experiences with us, from running into a childhood hero when he was ready to throw in the towel or seeing how the choices he made had ripple effects beyond his wildest dreams. Reggie’s story shows us our response to adversity is what sets us apart.

Our ability to give back and influence the next generation will require us to do better, to rise above our circumstances, and embody resilience.


Resilient by Nature – Reggie Williams

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