Find Your Second Best Day

As is our habit, when we have the honor of having a guest on the podcast, we have them back to ask me three questions. Reggie Williams returns today to rapid-fire the three questions on his mind:

What is your favorite song and why? I can’t give you a specific song, but you may be surprised at the current combo we have been enjoying in the Maberry household.

Who are the most famous people from Peoria, IL that you know? Hint – besides my granny, they include an actor, an athlete, and a government official from the Obama administration.

What was your biggest thrill in sports and your biggest disappointment in sports? From hat tricks to cheap shots, it is a pretty interesting array of experiences. We all have our Uncle Rico moments and today I’m sharing mine.

“The best day of my life is when I manage a winning game and the second-best day of my life is when I manage a losing game.” Tommy Lasorda


Resilient by Nature – Reggie Williams

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