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Create better internal communication with an employee-focused podcast


Understanding how to effectively communicate what your business offers will set you apart.
The Podcast Magic guide will help you create a podcast to tell your story in a way that keeps attention and builds a fan base.
Grow your pipeline and convert sales using this guide to start a podcast.

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51% (144 million people) of the US population have listened to at least one podcast.

As business has quickly changed, so has the need to implement new ways to communicate with customers and employees. 

It’s necessary to use the right tools to stay ahead in your industry. 

The way you communicate internally and externally will determine the growth of your business 

Every year, more people listen to podcasts, and it becomes a more effective way to communicate. 

Businesses around the world are increasingly using podcasts to improve sales, communicate with employees, and make deeper connections with customers. 

Podcasts have become the new talk radio. You can have your own media company.

A Podcast can help you reach a new audience. 

As people consume more content than ever, you must have audio content as part of your marketing. 

My team has years of experience helping businesses increase sales and communicate more effectively. 

We focus on strategies that build your business while keeping your content fresh and entertaining. 

Podcasts we produce have been nominated for multiple awards, including the People’s Choice Award at Podcast Movement. 

Turn visitors into lifelong customers and create the best internal communication strategy. 

Just a few of the great podcasts I've been a part of!

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How You Can Get Your Podcast Started


Schedule A Call

You don’t have to do it all yourself. The Outside Perspective is what you need to take control of your business and your brand.


Develop A Custom Plan

The Outside Perspective gives you a fresh look at your business. Often, it is hard to find the right answers, or even ask the right questions, when you are so close the action. I’ll help ask the right questions, and find the right answers you need to highlight your unique selling proposition.


Launch Your Podcast

Whether you call it Magic, the Outside Perspective, or don’t have a name for it, your customers want to feel it. And when they feel it, they will become loyal customers.

Hear What Others Have To Say


A valuable and trusted ally in helping us get our authors the attention and traction their messages deserve. Highly recommended!

David L. Hancock

Founder, Morgan James Publishing

Lee Cockerell

If I were running Walt Disney World today, I would use a podcast to communicate with cast members. And there is no one I trust more to help with a podcast than Jody Maberry. Jody and I have worked together for years and my message has never been clearer.

Lee Cockerell

Former EVP of Walt Disney World Operations,


When I wanted to start a podcast, Jody was the first person I turned to. His reputation is well earned. With his guidance, I was able to launch a podcast and build an audience while sharing my story.

Eric Velez

Retired Federal Senior Executive (SES)

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